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Underground Market

I had the pleasure of attending the underground market in New Albany, Indiana which featured some phenomenal woman-owned businesses. I was able to patronize a few of these businesses in my time there and I wanted to take a moment to highlight some incredible artists, friends, and brands in the area!

The first business I visited was a familiar one! Kozy Kandles is a business owned by my friend Emily! Her passion for her brand is unmatched. Today I picked up a wonderful Bourbon Caramel Crunch candle as well as a Cashmere Cedar! Her candles always burn forever and smell up the whole house. I haven’t burned one in a while, but I am very excited to get back home tonight and try it out.

In addition I picked up a flannel-scented candle that sits in a handmade, grey stone pot and a fun gold wick trimmer. The value built into her products and knowing that I am supporting an old friend makes me extra happy! You can follow her on Instagram @KozyKandles or shop online at

I also picked up some wonderful Jewelry from two different booths! The earrings are from some wonderful artists named Berniece and Brianne who have a brand called The House of B’s! You can find their products at The stone necklace was picked up from Crafty K Designs—you can find them on Facebook!

In addition to the wonderful vendors, musical duo Kevin Niehoff and Jack Parker provided some tunes for the event! Kevin’s voice is as smooth and energetic as his strumming while JP provided tasteful and engaging bass lines. Can’t wait to find these guys‘ next gig!! You can learn more about them @KevinNiehoffMusic on Instagram. A great start to a great day! Thanks for sharing in it with me. 😁

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